For Committeeperson or Precinct Captain Tasks

Contact Stephen Haasch, Armstrong County Republican Committee Vice Chairman.

Stephen will provide you with precinct appropriate lists for reaching out to every Republican voter and others.

To update the list
To work for registration of new voters, registration changes, deal with new move-ins
To find volunteers
To inform the voters
To distribute yard sighs, bumper stickers, window posters
To honor birthdays, anniversaries, show acts of neighborliness
To enable you to get out the vote

The electorate voter lists can be provided by paper, or electronically.

Electronic lists may be *.pdf or *.cvs
You may open these with Microsoft Office or Open Office (a free application)
Electronic lists are printable or may be used on tablets or smart phones.

Updated lists need to be shared back with the committee from time to time to be archived. Some information may become available by Google Drive cloud storage.

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