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How to participate!

When participating in an organization like this, consider your talents.



  • What do you like to do?
  • Do you like to interact with people?
  • Are you a paper pusher?
  • Do you like to organize in the background?
  • Do you like to be on the phone?
  • Are you artistic in making posters?
  • Do you have computer skills in maintaining data bases or developing such?
  • Are you web audio, video and/or web site savy?
  • Do you befriend people with cookies?
  • Do you like receptionist activities such as at meetings or events?
  • Would you go door to door?
  • Would you work a fair booth or similar event?
  • Would you write letters - to the newspaper, to other Republicans, to remind others of meetings, to encourage our elected officials,..?
  • Would you network with business owners, managers, and leaders in our community?
  • Would you attend and record the audio at public meetings?
  • Would you give people rides to meetings or to vote?
  • Would you captain your precinct or a portion of it and encourage volunteers to care for 10 or so families throughout the year?
  • Are you an accountant, lawyer, or notary? Candidates need your help?
  • Do you specialize in a particular skill, industry, proficiency, business entrepreneurialism by training or experience?
  • Would you be willing to research - voting situations, issues, candidates, policy and policy development, etc.?
  • Would you help township supervisors to campaign for office?
  • Would you help school board candidates to campaign for office?



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