The May 14, 2016, letter criticizing Mike Kelly and Donald Trump is representative of the leftist talking points that make reprehensible claims without any substantiation. The claim that 91% of Mr. Trump’s presentations are misrepresentations makes a great leftist talking point. However, without knowing the size and content of the sample space, the statement is absolutely meaningless from a mathematical viewpoint.  (91% of zero is still zero, etc.)

Rather than dealing with undocumented declarations based upon faulty math, it is much more beneficial to discuss specifics that Trump has presented in multiple rallies and his website. 

  1. 1.      Constitutionalist nominations for 3-4 Supreme Court justices
  2. 2.      Second Amendment “Totally Protected”
  3. 3.      Pause in Muslim Immigration to Find Out What is Going On
  4. 4.      Stop illegal immigration-Secure the Borders-Powerful Borders
  5. 5.      Safe Zone for Syrians in Syria-Protect Christians
  6. 6.      Build the Wall at the Southern Border
  7. 7.      Deport Illegals and Expedite Return if Qualified
  8. 8.      International Policy Based on America First interests
  9. 9.      Jobs-Stop manufacturing exodus (Jobs, Economy, Debt)
  10. 10.   Energy Independence-Deregulate coal, fracking, etc. (Jobs)
  11. 11.   Business Deregulation and Red Tape (Jobs, Economy)
  12. 12.   Dramatic Reduction in Business Tax Rate (Jobs, Economy)
  13. 13.   Negotiate Appropriate Trade Agreements (Jobs, Debt)
  14. 14.   Personal Tax Rate Reduction Across All Income Levels
  15. 15.   Rebuild and Strengthen Military
  16. 16.   Common Core to States Rights
  17. 17.   Repeal Obamacare and Replace With Proposed GOP Solutions
  18. 18.   Take Care of Veterans-Eliminate Waits, Use Non-VA Facilities
  19. 19.   Want Generals to Knock Hell Out of ISIS
  20. 20.   Balance Budget--Spending (Penny Plan)
  21. 21.   Want People to enter USA Legally-Make America Great Again
  22. 22.   People Want Greatness For USA, Not Apologies like Obama

While the leftist Fact Checkers perform with the same credibility recently demonstrated by the New York Times, the above declarations by Mr.Trump represent the content of his presidential plan that has received the spirited support of voters across all spectrums of our great country. Above all, the above items represent the necessary steps that Mr.Trump has repetitively presented to restore America while ending the destructive transformation of Obama before it is too late for the America founded on individual freedom and liberty. Remember the following words of Norman Thomas as Mr. Trump gives us one more chance to pass the opportunity and freedom that we have enjoyed to the next generations.

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.”

Published by E-mail 06-11-16 at 1: 19 A.M. By Bill Been of Butler County