Calendar of Events

THIS IS HOW IT FEELS when we invite someone to get on the committee for next year and they say YES!

Our Next Meeting

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

It is time to plan for the Lincoln Day Dinner next spring and work on increasing our committee size


We are also looking to fill in the precincts with workers. Should you have connections with people across the county, please reply with their contact information to this e-mail. 

If you have questions, call Steve at 724-919-4422. If I am working and cannot answer the call, leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



Articles of interest

A Republic or a Democracy?

The Democrats' Rise is Far from Inevitable


Documents Foundational to American Government

Sir William Blackstone - He was the cornerstone of American political and legal thought from the time of the founders until the early 1900's. His works during this time were foundational in our United States legal education and practice.

The Nature of Laws in General: Introduction to the second book.

President Calvin Coolidge - He spoke at the celebration of our nation's 150th anniversary. He presented the argument of our founding document's timeless nature and the values of this.

The Inspiration of the Declaration of Independence: July 5 1926.

For free College level non credit courses about the American Constitution, public policy, the rule of law, and our American heritage, go to Hillsdale College.

NEWS LETTERS and Information of Current office holders

Senator, Pat Toomey - News

Congressman, Mike Kelly - Press Releases Campaign Site

State Senator, Don White - Current News Listings

State Representative, Jeff Pyle - Web for Updates

State Representative, Donna Oberlander - Latest News


for the Pennsylvania General Assembly